Protect your home when on vacation.

by cnimiroski

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We all enjoy a nice vacation in the summer time, especially burglars.

75% of convicted burglars interviewed admit they knew their target was on vacation.

Here are some simple steps you can take to help protect yourself.

  1. Have the Post Office hold your mail.

  2. Ask a neighbor to pick up your newspaper everyday.

  3. Unplug your garage door opener.

  4. Lock all windows and doors.  Don’t forget the pet door!

  5. Put lights and your television on random timers.

  6. Don’t announce your vacation plans on social media.  Wait till you are back home to post all those vacation pictures.

Your homeowners insurance can replace your valuables but it cannot replace your sense of security or compensate you for the time and aggravation caused by a burglary.

Now that your home is better protected you can relax and enjoy that hard earned vacation!!!






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